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We do pray for every legitimate prayer request we receive. Please update us if there are any changes, we want to rejoice with you in God's goodness. Pastor Ed


Need Prayers
Submitted by: Linda

Dewey had throat cancer 4 years ago. He has had a sore throat lately. Lift him up in prayer that he is still cancerfree. Tyler need to be lifted up in prayer. He's a troubled teenager and needs the Lord's touch. God Bless, Linda


Need Prayers
Submitted by: Linda

Tessa was born with cerebral palsy and her pituary gland doesn't work properly. And she also has narcolepsy.Tessa has started having migraine headaches often.Lift this precious child up in prayer for the Lord's healing touch. Leslie has rheumatoid arthritis and COPD. Lift him up in prayer for the Lord's healing touch. Kristi needs your prayers. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer.Pray for total healing. God is able and faithful. Stanley needs your prayers. He has diabetes and emphysema.Pray for total healing. God is able and faithful. Roger needs your prayers.He had congestive heart failure and a massive heart attack due to his diabetes. He had heart bypass surgery and still only has about 25% of his heart working.Pray for total healing. God is able and faithful.


deliverane, protection provision
Submitted by: marie grace

Dear Team Please pray for God's strongest angelic protection around us as we continue to live in a very difficult situation. Please pray in agreement with me the scripture For you have delivered my life from death yes, and my feet from falling that I may walk before God in the light of life and of the living. Psalm 56:13 Pray for complete deliverance from all spiritual bondage on my son and my life, and for provision for us to leave a very difficult situation of occult/cult, drug making society around us. Thank you and God bless Marie Grace


Need Prayers
Submitted by: Linda

Dewey had throat cancer. Lift him up in prayer that he remains cancerfree. He has high chlorestrol pray his chlorestrol returns to a normal level. He also lost his mother and his family needs prayers during this difficult time. Calvin needs your prayers he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Pray for the Lord's healing touch. God Bless, Linda


My Husband and our Marriage
Submitted by: Lorena Palma

Hello, my name is Lorena Palma. I need your help to pray for my serious situations with my husband. He go ahead relationship with a new girl. He kept ignore our problems and refused to go to marriage advice. I don't want to get divorce because the divorce is against God's creator. His family and friends support divorce. There are pretty feud. I love my husband so much. Satan has powers to use them to turn against me. Please pray for us. I am really appreciate this. Thank you.


Need prayer
Submitted by: Linda

I, Linda, need your prayers. I need to be lifted up in prayer for my health problems and family problems and concerns I have over my job. Micah needs to be lifted up in prayer. He has nasothryengeal cancer this is a very aggressive cancer.Pray for his wife, Kimberly she is his caregiver. God Bless, Linda


Pray for our needs
Submitted by: Linda

Continue to pray for my mother,Betty, she has a blood disorder that usually turns into leukemia. My mother also has COPD & diabetes.Storm the gates of heaven that the Lord will lay his healing hands upon Betty for total healing. Allen & Brooke need to be lifted up in prayer. They are having a lot of problems in their marriage. Martha needs to be lifted up in prayer.She had a hurting in her chest and went to the ER.They did a biopsy of her lung. Bronicsopy showed nothing on the camera but she has a scar from tuberculosis when she was a child that they tested. They found out her sugar was over 500 so she's a diabetic also.Storm the gates of heaven that the Lord will lay his healing hands upon Martha for total healing. I, Linda, have some health problems and need your prayers. Also I am employed by a company I find very rewarding to be a part of.We make a difference for millions of people in need.Pray the Lord will bless & protect my job so I can always help those struggling to pay for their medications. God Bless, Linda


Family separating
Submitted by: Christina

Please pray for my husband will to complete drug rehab, and that our family will reunite.


Al Padilla

For Al's continued health and healing from cancer.


Joining the Army
Submitted by: Seth

I'm joining the US Army. Tomorrow I'll start talking to the recruiter about jobs, and soon after that I'll be signing a contract for a job, and writing my top 3 choices for deployment. Please pray for wisdom, guidance with that. Pray that God will guide both me and the recruiter in discussing jobs and choosing the right one. Pray that if possible, if it's wise, I'll be able to get a quick-ship job, and get deployed very soon (with the way things are, I might get better options that way). Pray for the right doors to open, and the right jobs to be available. Pray that everywhere I send this prayer request God will draw a lot of powerful prayer warriors to pray fervently, with faith for this, as God leads.


Church Needs
Submitted by: Rick

Please consider copying this request and praying for us monthly during the coming year. Please pray for the ministry of Greenwood Church in the following areas: 1. Pastor: That I would be diligent in Holiness, Prayer, Study, Visitation, and Soul winning. That the protection of God would be on myself and family. 2. Leadership: That the leadership would be an example in Bible study, Prayer, Giving and Attendance. 3. Congregation: That lost religious people would be awakened and saved, and the saved would grow in their desire for the Word, and become more involved. 4. Youth: That God would get hold of the few that we do have, who are running from God, and only come for the fun events. That God will bring in others that will fall in love with Jesus. 5. Prospects: That God will bring us workers that are grounded in the Word of God. 6. Outreach: That we would go out with the message of the gospel, and God will give us many souls. That God would bring the lost in as well. As of yet, we have had no one saved in three years. That God would bless and increase our Radio Ministry, and enable us to do Internet Ministy on Sermon Audio. 7. Missions: God has given us the opportunity to support a missionary to Russia. Thank you for being attentive to this long request, and may God fulfill all your petitions as they are made in Jesus Name; Amen Pastor Rick


Submitted by: Rick

Please pray for the salvation of the following people who occasionally attend our church: (1)Torri (2)Peyton (3)Cody (4)Garrett (5)Scarlett (6)Kristina. These are all young people who either show No desire for spiritual things, or, are rebellious toward God's dealings with them. Pray also that our people will have an urgency for the salvation of these and other lost people.


Family in Need
Submitted by: Pastor Rick

Please pray for our Church secretary; Stacy, and her husband, one of our Deacons; Brian. Brian has lost his Mother last week and his Aunt this week. he may also be loosing his job. Stacy is at her wits end with these and many other problems within her own family. Please pray that this family will draw closer to the Lord, and not forsake the assembling of themselves together with the rest of the belivers.


Guidance Healing
Submitted by: Pastor Rick

Need guidance as to whether I should stay at the church I'm at or look to pastor elsewhere (Very Complicated) Also need healing for injuries from a weight lifing accident while preparing for a contest.


Prayer for Pastor O
Submitted by: Stephen Taylor

Please pray for the pastor at my son's school. His name is Pastor Osterwind. He just found out that he has lymphoma, a type of cancer i think. Prayer for his family, he has a wife and 5 young boys. Also prayer for there church, Heritage Baptist.


special intentions
Submitted by: Ting Franco

Please include me and my family in your prayers. Thank you.


Submitted by: Blair

Please pray for a healing of my brain as I have had permanent damage done to it. I see life as pretty much hopeless as I have had about a 60-80% loss of both short term and long term memory as well as brain functioning. I have also experienced about a 90-95% reduction in my ability to feel emotions. I have not experienced ANY positive emotions for over 21 months. Please pray for wisdom for my doctors. I have an MRI on my brain on March 11, and a follow-up with my Neurologist. I cannot live this way for the rest of my life!!! Thank you, Blair P.S.- I also need prayer to find an attorney


Please pray for my love life
Submitted by: Ting Franco

Please pray for me that I will marry a guy who possess good qualities. Thanks.


Submitted by: Pastor

My sister Kathy passed away. She was only fifty years old. please pray for her children who are still relatively young.


Pastor Ed & Family

Please continue to pray for Pastor and his family. They need Mercy, wisdom, strength, mercy, grace, Peace, Mercy and protection. Pray for Pastor's physical health as well. Pray particularly for his Diabetes control and kidneys.


Currie Family

Continue to pray for God's grace, mercy and peace for the whole family. Pray also for Lori's mom Kathy and her health.



Pray for the ongoing reformation in the Southern Baptist Convention. That the Doctrines of Grace aka the Gospel of Jesus Christ would continue to be advanced. Praise God for what we have seen so far!


Chief Shepherd
Submitted by: Pastor

Please continue to pray that the chief shepherd will continue to lead here at PBC and provide his guidance and protective care. For the growth, strengthening and encouragement of our little outpost.


Pastor's Wife (Not Luz)
Submitted by: Anonymous

I am an elder in a reformed church. Since ordination, my wife has grown in her opposition to this role. Among other things, I will not share confidential information with her, and she becomes quite angry over it. Our sons (9 & 13) are in constant emotional turmoil. Cutting to the chase, we're close to separation. I can see God bringing about an awesome deliverance, but we need so much help. We need Jesus to reign over our marriage, and the Holy Spirit to illuminate our vision so we can see our own faults (we see to have the whole seeing-the-speck-in-the-other-person's-eye thing down pat.). I want to give glory to God for His deliverance. I pray that I am able to do so....soon.


The Word
Submitted by: Pastor

Continue to pray that our church will remain steadfast in preaching the word. That the Lord would give us the wisdom to get the Word right and to get the word out.


Submitted by: Pastor

Please pray for an awakening in the land through the preaching of the true gospel, the gospel of grace in the power of the Spirit.



Please pray for the Ramos family that God will grant his precious salvation by grace through faith.



Please be in prayer for our brethren who are Chaplains in the military. They are forbidden to pray in the name of Jesus. Pray for their courage and boldness and for this persecution to end.


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