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We do pray for every legitimate prayer request we receive. Please update us if there are any changes, we want to rejoice with you in God's goodness. Pastor Ed

need prayers
Submitted by: linda
Dewey had throat cancer over 5 years ago.At times he has some complications from all the radiation he got.Lift him up in prayer that he remains cancerfree. He had surgery on his wrist, pray for a full & speedy recovery. Leslie has COPD and rheumatoid arthritis. He's also recovering from breaking his femur bone.He needs to be lifted up for healing. Mya is 6 yrs old she needs a bone marrow transplant.Lift her up for total healing. Nate has cancer.Lift him up for total healing. Tyler is a troubled young man who has turned to drugs and also suffers from bipolar, anxiety and ADHD. Pray for deliverance from drugs & health problems and for his salvation. I, Linda, have a health problem that's causing me a lot of pain in my feet.Pray for healing. Also pray for financial blessings for my husband and I. God Bless, Lindahealth/hospital05-16-2016
North Korea prison camp Please pray for the North Korea's four types of peoples 1) Pregnant women who fall into the north korean prison camp, by force abortioned by kicking belly, by force abortion operations , by opening bellies directly by knives of officials (like people of Ammon did to child in Gilead) , by Neolttwigi(like Korean-seasaw) on her belly by other two prisoners , by force labor, by longtime giving shape of the 'hands of the clocks' which official ordered (until fetus is dropped with blood discharge) , by force injection to her abdomen, and please also pray for me about 'smashing their belly with lumber of officials'... 2) And fetuses in her .. which should die without any resistance 3) And disables,and disable babies who should forced to carry ' 49th ward ' (also some of them sent to North Korea concentration camp slave labor), killed and used as a guinea pig 4) And Small children , everyday suffering 12 hours hard ((coal mine)) labor, night beaten by other adult prisoners , night sleep at a square meter toilet because they have no power,eating mouse head remnant which adult prisoners have eaten and remained (because they only have 600g corn for food per a day) more informations please watch the Youtube below , Thank you. Youtube : The UNSPEAKABLE HELL of North Korea Concentration Camps Illustrated Video Shocking Cruelty (In addition lately we have some information from faithful sources that because *these concentration camp is submitted to the United Nations Security Council so Kim Jong-un is genociding the people inside North Korea prison camp, so please pray for me that Kim Jong-un stop genocide the people inside the North Korea prison camps) other10-27-2015

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