Homeschooling and "Same Sex Marriage"

This is a letter to HSLDA members from J. Michael Smith. I posted it so that all could see just how disturbing this nonsense that two people of the same sex can marry can get. ~ PE

October 23, 2008

California--Marriage Amendment on November 4 Ballot!

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends:

The ballot on November 4, 2008, will include a very important proposed
amendment to the California Constitution. In Proposition 8, voters
will be asked to approve a constitutional amendment to define marriage
as between one man and one woman.  Any other definition of marriage
through any policy, law, or judicial interpretation would be void and

The full text of Proposition 8 is, "Only marriage between a man and a
woman is valid and recognized in California."

How does defining marriage as being between one man and one woman
potentially affect your right to homeschool your children?

Here is what the United States Supreme Court said in 2000 in the case
of Troxel v. Granville: "Our jurisprudence historically has reflected
Western civilization concepts of the family as a unit with broad
parental authority over minor children. Our cases have consistently
followed that course."

Thus, parental rights are based on "Western civilization concepts of
the family." When those concepts are no longer the legal definition of
the family in this nation, then the foundation upon which parental
rights are based is completely removed. Therefore, HSLDA will continue
to oppose same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage erodes the traditions
of the family in Western civilization. This is an attack on parental
rights. This is a battle the homeschooling movement cannot afford to


Please vote in favor of the amendment to overturn the California
Supreme Court's decision requiring California to recognize "same-sex
marriage." Also, please encourage others to do the same.  It's
important to every traditional family.

For more information about Proposition 8 and how you can get involved,
please go to .

Thank you in advance for your commitment to the protection of marriage
in California.


Mike Smith
President, HSLDA

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