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September 14, 2016, 12:40 PM

Teaching Lies ~ Lee Duigon

September 14, 2016, 12:14 PM

Another Whopper

King was particularly interested in Gnostic texts that assign Mary Magdalene a prominent role as Jesus’s confidante and disciple, since proof that some early Christians also saw Mary Magdalene as Jesus’s wife “would be a rebuke to Church patriarchs.” Her ideological agenda, in other words, disposed her to believe Fritz’s account of the papyrus. ~ Williams

Worldview matters. ~ PE

September 14, 2016, 12:02 PM

The Myth About The Myth

September 13, 2016, 5:42 PM

Revolutionaries Never Change II

August 26, 2016, 11:21 PM

That About Covers It

"The most crucial issue to remember this election is bigot white supremacist hatred racism Putin dark dark darkness apocalypse vote Hillary!" ~ Hillary PR Team

Revolutionaries never change. http://

August 21, 2016, 12:00 AM

Collapsing or Exposing Itself?

August 17, 2016, 2:27 PM

I'm Helping!

He said: “What can I help you with?”
She said: “Take this bag of potatoes, peel half of them and put them in the pot.”

August 17, 2016, 1:06 PM

How well do you know the US constitution?

Drat! Missed One (9). Take it before looking anything up. ~ PE

August 17, 2016, 1:00 PM

Does Black Success Matter? ~ Sowell

August 16, 2016, 8:45 PM


August 15, 2016, 12:00 AM


Quran 3:28, 16:108/ Screenings will always be frought with danger until we understand this. ~ PE

We smile in the face of some people but in our hearts we curse them. ~ Ibn Kathir

Lying is sometimes permissible for a given interest. It is obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory (e.g. to spread Islam). ~ Reliance of the Traveller

August 14, 2016, 4:44 PM

War on WikiLeaks

Wikileaks has suddenly become the bane of the MSM and other leftist presstitutes. When George Bush was the target Wikileaks and Julian Assange were heroes of the left and potential traitors for the right. Now the glove is on the other foot. Stay tuned for more smears (narrative) as information re The "Historic" HRH, I mean HRC comes to light.

Scarier than the NSA? Delusional!

August 14, 2016, 10:40 AM

Wrong Doctine Wrong Living

Note the last line. It's the fault of the victim. You weren't healed because you lacked faith. The pastor, however, blamed the girl and accused her of having little faith for she could not withstand a very simple task.

August 14, 2016, 12:00 AM


Still think I'm nuts for covering my cameras? Oh and BTW, let's not forget that many of these apps have access to your camera and the mic. Like a certain app that I will not mention. I know, I know, if you have nothing to hide...Read this.

Update: Apple was Hacked. The culprits use a phishing scam to get into your info, camera, and mic. Make sure you update your iStuff.

August 13, 2016, 12:48 PM

Bias? What Bias?

"It usually plays out something like this. The host will ask a guest a loaded question meant to convey to the viewer that the host already knows the answer and that the guest is simply a bag of flesh spewing talking points. When the guest challenges the narrative, or worse, disproves the narrative, the host flies into a rage fueled by (seemingly) righteous indignation that concludes with the host’s command that the mic be cut, thereby silencing the guest."

BTW this happens on "Talk" Radio too. Remember, whoever controls the mic controls the discussion. ~ PE

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